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Global Social Entrepreneurship

Jessica Jackley, Co-Founder of Kiva, Co-Founder, ProFounder
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The Course

One simple idea can lead to job creation, innovative new technologies and the establishment of lasting institutions.

Learn how to develop and launch your own social venture in this course, which shows students how social entrepreneurship can be one of the greatest forces for positive change in the world. Through the stories of visionary entrepreneurs such as Nobel Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, Embrace Co-Founder, Jane Chen, and Endeavor CEO and Co-Founder, Linda Rottenberg, students examine the crucial themes and elements that lead to the most successful entrepreneurial ventures across the world. These best practices and lessons learned will help elevate your current work or guide implementation of your next great idea.

What You'll Do:

  • Analyze the stages of entrepreneurial ventures, from original idea to implementation, through the unique challenges and opportunities you face starting a social venture across different parts of the world.
  • Learn to make better decisions about where your own organization or venture fits into the global picture, and how you can set your work apart from others.
  • Apply social entrepreneurship best practices to creatively problem solve challenges you may encounter---big or small.

Weekly Topics:

  • Week 0: On-boarding and Team Formation
  • Week 1: The Opportunity of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Week 2: Structuring the Venture
  • Week 3: Launching the Venture
  • Week 4: Managing and Growing the Venture
  • Week 5: Transitions and Challenges
  • Week 6: Capturing Values and Exit Strategies


Approximately 2-3 hours per week watching videos, reading case studies, participating in class discussions, and completing individual and/or team assignments. You will need a computer that allows you to watch the video lectures and provides the ability to upload all your assignments.

Statement of Accomplishment:

*To receive a Statement of Accomplishment, you will need to complete 4 out of the 6 weekly assignments.

More Information:

Philanthropy University is a non-degree, diploma or credit granting initiative powered by Berkeley-Haas. Philanthropy U is the concept developer and sponsor of the initiative. Learners are not entitled to earn college or other academic credit.